Welcome to Highpoint Flat-Coated Retrievers.

Highpoint Flatcoated Retrievers is a small home based kennel in the 108 Mile Ranch, located in the south Cariboo in central, BC. My husband and I have had many different breeds of dogs throughout  our lives and in 2015 we were looking to add a dog to our family to give our Bernese some company after we lost his buddy to illness. We stumbled upon the flat coated retrievers and our breeder Radford Retrievers. In 2015 we were lucky enough to get a boy, Rex, and in 2016 we added our girl Luna to our family.

We started our new kennel in November 20 2018 when we bred Luna, on January 9 Luna had 11 puppies. That was quite a big litter, lots of work but very rewarding. We fell in love with every one of them, but could only keep one. We kept a girl that we named Ella.

After getting our first Flat-Coat we were introduced to conformation dog shows and got hooked right away.  Both Rex and Luna are now Grand Canadian Champions (GCH) and Ella is on her way.  We combine our joy of RVing and dog showing, and enjoy camaraderie between dog people. 

The dogs love all the snow we get in the Cariboo and enjoy lots of off leash walking in the great outdoors.