Radford Bomerang "Rex"  was born May 12, 2015.

Rex was a big boy right from birth and he has grown into

a large beautiful dog. He is very well behaved and enjoys being outside playing with Luna and the other dogs we meet on our walks.

He has done very well in the show ring and we are looking forward to getting involved in hunt training and rally obedience next year.

OFA Test Results click below to see results

EYES - FR-EYE796/27M-VPI   -  Normal

HIPS - FR - 6010E29M - VPI  -  Excellent

ELBOWS - FR - EL2929M29 - VPI  -  Normal

PATELLA  -  PA2627/29M/P - VPI  -  Normal


108 Mile Ranch, BC, Canada,  

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